Debby Corwin, CEO

Debby has over thirty years of travel and event planning experience, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University. Her travel agency, NWA Getaways Dream Vacations, has nine ICs who work with the clients, while Debby manages the agency and focuses on TAToolkit. She played flute in junior high and high school, as well as being part of the color guard during marching season. She loves traveling with her husband and believes Alaska to be one of the most beautiful places she’s ever visited. Her one regret in life is that she wasn’t born in Stars Hollow so she could be best friends with Lorelai and Sookie.

Miranda Corwin, CIO

Miranda grew up a Navy Brat and tried out myriad activities in her youth - karate, swim team, softball. The two she ended up loving most was playing trumpet in the band (and being the drum major as a high school senior) and perfoming in a competition dance company. She holds an MAT in Elementary Education from Christopher Newport University and an MIS from the University of Arkansas. She enjoys traveling, watching football with her friends, singing karaoke, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and relaxing in her hammock on a sunny day. She is the loving momma of a Boxer named Johnny Cash, for whom she makes homemade dog food!

Monroe Corwin, CFO Emeritus

After 20 years as an Electronics Technician Chief in the US Navy, Monroe and his family returned home to Northwest Arkansas. There he held a variety of jobs until he left the corporate world to join Debby at their travel agency, managing the office. He enjoys all kinds of sports and played softball for most of the past 40 years, earning the nickname "Hoover" when he played outfield. Monroe has now retired from all paid positions and provides moral and household support to Debby, keeps up with all his favorite TV shows, and roots for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Not long after TAToolkit's launch, Monroe was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia; he passed away in January 2024 and is greatly missed! His support for Debby's crazy ideas are what allowed TAToolkit to become a reality.

Jenny Denney, Content Manager

Jenny has experience as a travel agent, specializing in Disney, along with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts. She loves being a stay at home mom, cooking, and traveling with her family. Her happy place is Disney World but she enjoys exploring the world and believes that Alaska is the most breathtaking place she’s been so far. Next on her travel bucket list is the British Isles, to visit the places in her favorite novels.

Stephanie West, Marketing Specialist

Stephanie is an Air Force Veteran and is involved in community outreach vet programs throughout Northwest Arkansas. She comes from a medical background in Sonography  and also has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration for Marketing.  As an empty nester to her two adored grown sons, she spends her time loving on two grandchildren, her nieces and nephews and her fur babies - a fox Terrier named Delilah and two Syrian Hamsters: Lily Lu and Lilo. She enjoys traveling, crafting, spending quality time with family and friends and going to any live musical or sporting event. Go Hogs!  Weird fact: Game of Thrones is her absolute favorite show, watching the series over 20 times.

Mariah Nelson, Content Specialist

Mariah is the wife of an amazing husband, and they have four amazing kids. She's a laid-back country girl who loves the outdoors - Hiking, ATVs, Horseback Riding, Camping, Bonfires, Horseshoes - just about anything she can do outside with her family. She's never really been on a vacation, but would love to go to the beach! She is a big-hearted person who loves helping others; that's why she loves her job at TAToolkit! She gets to help Travel Advisors help their clients book dream vacations! Fun Fact: Mariah has amazing hearing and vision.

Doug Metcalfe, Special Projects

Doug comes to TAToolkit from a very diverse background. He has been in leadership for most of his adult life, whether it is a Regional Sales Director creating opportunities in new territories, a Youth Pastor, a Production Manager, or an Emmy-winning Senior Producer, he puts everything he has into helping those around him excel. He has even helped hundreds of students start their careers as entrepreneurs and journalists as a Professor at Georgia State University. He uses his experience as a business owner to help organizations market, manage and build their own businesses. He hopes to further the extraordinary work being done in the travel industry and make everyone more successful in their business. Fun Fact - Doug was born on April Fool's Day in a year that shall not be named.